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Myleague Tournament funding record

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Myleague Tournament funding record Empty Myleague Tournament funding record

Post by Wackybugsy Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:02 pm

I promised i would post and update for donations given and how it is being appropriated with tourney's.

October 08-2008
Steffi- donated 5,000,000
Wackybugsy- donated 25,000,000
Beebum- donated 5,123,456
Helvet donated -20,000,000
Volkswagen- donated 10,000,000
Total for oct 08 donated= 65,123,456
2vs2 tourney oct.08= paid out 40,000,000 to volks and Makril
Balance is=25,123,456
Bigbud= 11mil and 2 lucky boxes
AJ2= 200,000,000
Balance 236,123,456 and 2 lucky boxes!
2 tourney's october 18-2008
2vs2 Bigbud tourney= 60 mil total payout and 2 lucky boxes(50 mil winner;10 mil 2 lucky boxes runner up)
1vs1 Wacky tourney= 100 mil total pay out(65 mil winner; 35 mil runner up)
Total payout is 160 mil 2 lucky boxes.
Balance Oct.15-2008 =236,123,456- 160,000,000= 76,123,456 no lucky boxes

Next tourney will be soon!
Any donations can be given to any of the sub masters or tourney directors!
If you have not registered for the tourney's yet; go to
Register with your character's name you will use in golf.
I will keep this post updated!
Thank you to all that participated with setting up tourney's and those that donated and played!

Myleague Tournament funding record Paul
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